Twin Cities Marathon 2010 Recap

First and foremost – we raised $1,739.70 for the American Cancer Society – we beat last year’s total by $180+ !  Thank you!  That’s $3,294.39 in two years.  Which also means only $6,705.61 to go until I’m 40 or before I turn 41!

Here’s some photos – and a link to the full slide show.  […]

MTC Marathon – Complete!

Surprisingly – especially to me – my hammy held up through the entire marathon.  The bad part of this was that I was not as mentally prepared to battle the battle I had in store.  I figured it would be a battle of patience, limping and cursing.  Instead it was a typical marathon battle of […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Training Update (Week 13 of 13)

13 miles of running – not including race day Attempted to rest and sleep more

Notes – Hammy acted up on my last mile of training – literally I was on the last mile and it cramped up.  I don’t know what’s going to happen with it on Sunday – I was able to […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Mile and Water Station Dedications

Here’s the list of miles and the people who they are dedicated to.  This list consists of the first 26 people to donate and was randomly selected with a SQL statement and a table variable.  Thanks to everyone!

Mile Name 0 Erika, Abbie and Jake 1 Doug B 2 Pedey 3 Mom and Dad 4 […]

The Boz Cut – 350 Days in the Making

This is what happens when you say that you’ll shave your head for $400 then, out loud, state that you can always shave your head if it’s a bad haircut.  One thing lead to another and my co-workers decided I would get the Brian Bosworth haircut.  The irony is that I was the one who […]

Thank You!!!

Thanks to everyone who donated – We’ve exceeded all the financial goals. I’m not saying if you came here to donate that you can’t – please do in fact – but thank you to everyone who has! It is awesome. I’m working on a few things, including a video of tonight’s shenanigans with the clippers, […]

ACS Status Report

We’ve got one week to go until Race Day!  As the Czar (an old football coach) said in a letter to us, “I can’t wait!” – honestly that’s all his letter said and honestly, I can’t wait.

Here’s the break down of the money for ACS.  As of 10:30 PM on Sunday, 9/26/10:

$1,554.69 – […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Training Update (Week 12 of 13)

40 miles of running – I was scheduled for 30, but with missing so much last week, I needed to get more in. 1 – 14 mile of bike ride, two sessions on the bike trainer for 40 and 45 minutes and I lifted weights once

Notes – Hammy is feeling good. I don’t […]

I’m Falling Apart

I’ve been battling my left hamstring for the last week and a half, thus I cut my miles down last week.  In theory, it might sound like a nice break, a time to recover, etc, but what it really means to me is that I’ve got a heckuva a lot of energy to burn – […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Training Update (Week 11 of 13)

15 miles of running – I was scheduled for 56, hoping for 60 3 Swim sessions and I lifted weights once

Notes – I attempted to run Tuesday morning, made it 4 miles slowly, but I my hamstring wasn’t ready to run. I spent the week on ice. I swam Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, […]