The Skullet

I’ve made some promises that I have to keep.  I told my fellow co-workers that if they could come up with $400 for ACS, I’d shave my head.  Then half out loud, not thinking, I said, “Or what ever you want me to do with my hair.”  Note – I haven’t had a haircut since […]

Scales, Body Fat Percentage and Racing Weight

If you are looking to shed a few pounds via running, it isn’t the best way to do it – but it does work. There are tons of article out on the information super highway about it – here’s a few. My suggestion is to get a body fat scale and keep a log. Measure […]

Compression Socks

After long runs on Friday mornings, one of the ways I treat myself/help myself recover is to wear a pair of compression socks. just had an article on them – find that here.  The socks they review are probably really good, but man are they spendy!  Here’s what a buddy told me to do:  […]

My Gear – Summer version

Lots of people ask me about the gear I use for running.  It’s not too fancy (except my watch and ipod).  But here’s a list of what I wear:

The Basics: Shoes – Nike Air Pegasus – I just ordered the 27s, I’ve had the 26 and two pair of 25s.  I try to have […]