Dusting off the blog for 2016

I always wait until February to make my new years resolutions, heck, I asked Erika to marry me a couple of days after valentines day because getting engaged on Valentine’s day was too cliché.  This years resolution is to update the blog more regularly.  The reasons to re-start this blogging are:

I’m passionate about […]

My Ultra-Beard

I started to grow a beard last October 1st.  I wanted to have it for a trail run on 10/26/13, so I figured with almost four weeks of growth, it would be a decent full beard by the 26th.  What happened next surprised even me.  My beard loved running for a long distance on the […]

2013 Year In Review

Here’s the highlights of breakdown of my activities in 2013:

I did three races and I learned how to make cool videos. 

Grandma’s Marathon – Here’s the recap – I was happy with my performance Ironman Wisconsin – Here’s the recap – It was very fun to be a part of the event. Surf […]

2012 In 2012 – 2012 Recap

Here’s the highlights of breakdown of my activities in 2012:

I ran 2012 miles – for the second year, I “Ran the Year”. I ran two marathons, both were extremely disappointing with my time, but fun to participate in. Grandma’s – hip was bugging me, mentally weak TC – Sick, can’t hide from the marathon […]

2011 in 2011 – 2011 in Review

Here’s the highlights of breakdown of my activities in 2011.

I ran 2011 miles – I “Ran the Year”. I ran two marathons – Boston in April and Grandmas in June. I did my first non-sprint triathlon – Square Lake 1/2 Ironman in September. Things worked out in December with the weather and my work […]

Passing Out in a Ditch

It must have been May 29, 2005 – almost three weeks before my first marathon. This was the day of the longest training run I was scheduled to do – my first 20 miler. I had built up my mileage to 18 once, 16 a couple of times, but hadn’t ran a full 20 […]