Grandma’s 2010 Recap

We’re going to Boston! I made my BQ (Boston Qualifier) time of 3:15:59!

The conditions were pretty good, except there was a bit of a head wind. It started out a bit cloudy, but when the sun came out it started to get hot. Luckily that only lasted around miles 4 – 8. I just […]

Am I Ready?

Am I ready to qualify for Boston and run a 3:15:59? My standard and consistant prerace answer to how I’m going to perform is…who knows? I was talking to a friend this week and was asked if 8 mile runs are easy for me. Nothing over 4 miles is easy, I just know I complete […]

Update…Grandmas is coming!

Here’s what happened today:

Me: “I’ll take Jake in the backpack for our hike. You got to bike this afternoon. I haven’t done anything all day!” Erika: “You got up a 5 today and ran 9 miles before anybody was up.” Me: “That was today?”

That’s just the latest in a string of situations like […]