Time Math – Examples to Learn From

When trying to squeeze in runs, one always has to look at the big picture when it comes to total time of running.  Here are three situations that I’ve been in and how I’ve justified my use of time and running.

Situation #1 – Medium length run planned for mid-week on a day I’ve got […]

Beginner’s Running Tip #5 – Eat after Running

It’s almost as simple as that.  The big picture is that after working out, you’ve got about 30 minutes to easily replenish your glycogen stores in your muscles.  If you get some fuel in your body (about 4 to 1 ratio of Carbs to Protein), you should recover faster.  There are a lot of articles […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Training Update (Week 8 of 13)

41 miles of running – I do bad math – it was only supposed to be 39 and twice I messed up the math 1 Bike Ride this week – three hikes with Jake in the back pack for two of them

Notes – Great running week – on the Gunflint trail – beautiful!


Beginners Running Tip #4 – What Gets Measured Gets Managed

In running, you’ve got a few areas that you can work toward improvement in.  The area you are targeting may be distance, speed, weight loss, etc.  My advice – if you’ve got a goal you are trying to achieve, write it down and measure your progress toward that goal.  For instance, keep a […]

Scales, Body Fat Percentage and Racing Weight

If you are looking to shed a few pounds via running, it isn’t the best way to do it – but it does work. There are tons of article out on the information super highway about it – here’s a few. My suggestion is to get a body fat scale and keep a log. Measure […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Training Update (Week 7 of 13)

49 miles of running 2 Bike Rides this week and I lifted weights once.

Notes – Good week – I finally had a good run this morning. Fun posts to write this week.

Official Weigh in on Thursday Morning – 171.4 – 31.71 lbs body fat – I fixed my scale and why am […]

Mind Games

One of the beauty parts of running is that on each run, I usually end up playing some type of game in my head as I go.  They may be simple math games like what percentage of my run is complete or estimate what minute I’ll stop running.  Here’s a list that may help if […]

Upcoming Film – Hood to Coast

I just found this website about the Hood to Coast movie coming out and I got kind of excited about it.

Here’s the website of the race.  Which sounds like a blast.  There is the Ragnar Relay in Minnesota and Wisconson, that was this weekend, which is a similar idea (not as crazy I don’t […]

Compression Socks

After long runs on Friday mornings, one of the ways I treat myself/help myself recover is to wear a pair of compression socks.  RunnersWorld.com just had an article on them – find that here.  The socks they review are probably really good, but man are they spendy!  Here’s what a buddy told me to do:  […]

My Bucket List – 2010 Late Summer version

Qualifying for Boston was the biggest goal in running I’ve had – after completing my first marathon. A few weeks before Grandma’s this year (the race in which I qualified for Boston), I thought, what if I actually qualify – what next? I’m not sure….

I then got on a kick one day measuring time. […]