The Mission

I’m currently training for the Des Moines Marathon on 10/18/09.

Andy's American Cancer Society Page
Andy’s American Cancer Society Page

I’ve got two goals for this:

  1. Raise $2000 for the American Cancer Society
  2. Set a personal record marathon time.

For Goal #1 – I’m offering my services…

  1. Any photo editing help you need, donate and I’ll assist.
  2. Fantasy Footall logos – Donate $20 and I’ll create (with your guidance) a logo for you that will help you crush your league.
  3. Fun photos – Donate $25, send me a picture, a idea of what you want  and and I’ll make it come to life (i.e. a face on a someone else’s body or add someone to a photo, etc.)
  4. Serious Art – Donate $20, send me a photo and I’ll add a cool digital frame and or mat to it to make it frame worthy.
  5. Businesses – Donate $50, get me some gear to wear and I’ll run and photograph my training run with your gear on.
  6. Businesses – Donate $100, get me some gear to wear and I’ll run the marathon with your gear on and include many pictures on this site.
  7. Any donation over $50 will get a special thank you with your name on it and a photo from the race – I’ll pay for the printing myself and get you a cool picture to display – electronic copy as well.
  8. Any donation will get a vote for my facial hair on race day!  Donate and you could have me looking like this:


For Goal #2 –

  1. If I don’t set a P.R. I will personally donate another $50 to the American Cancer Society.
  2. I’m training harder and smarter than ever.
  3. I run four days a week and cross train two.
  4. I go to bed early and get up early to run.
  5. I’m running 541  miles in 14 weeks of training.

The big question that needs answering soon (by 9/13/09)  is:


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