Twin Cities Marathon 2010 Recap

First and foremost – we raised $1,739.70 for the American Cancer Society – we beat last year’s total by $180+ !  Thank you!  That’s $3,294.39 in two years.  Which also means only $6,705.61 to go until I’m 40 or before I turn 41!



As far as the race goes….It was a GOLDEN morning.  The weather was perfect – a bit chilly, but it couldn’t have been any better.  I rubbed my hammy down with Icy Hot, turned in my sweat bag, realized my Snickers Energy Bar was still in it and actually said, “I can’t wait until mile 6, so I can eat a GU.”  I realized I better get something in my stomach so I had a GU before the start.

As we started, things felt good – about mile two I started saying, “What if my hammy holds up, am I ready for this?  Not here – HERE!” as I pointed to first my legs, then my head.  I hadn’t really thought about what if I feel good…

The miles flew by, we stayed with the 3:10 group most of the way.  All of a sudden we were at the 20 mile mark – I punched the wall.  There is an inflatable castle thing at mile 20 that we ran through and I actually punched it.

The last six miles hurt – REALLY bad.  I don’t remember hurting this much in any marathon.  Two thing popped into my head – first was if my hammy blows up, I can walk/crawl the rest of the way.  That thought was still with me at mile 25.  The other thought was a flash back to high school football.  The short version is I kept saying to myself that this is the reason I am raising money – I can handle this and push through – if I give up, I’ll let everyone who sponsored my down.  So thanks to the people who sponsored me – you were in mind.

The highlights of the race were:

  • Jim jumping across the finish line – here’s the video.
  • The pace group leader saying that we had a few hot dog miles ahead and I responded with, “Is Harkin Banks gonna be there?  Is he gonna throw a kick ass blaster?”
  • A dude fell just as we turned on to Douglas Ave.
  • Running by 1212 Douglas – I did a lot of damage to my body had a lot of good times in that house in my younger days.
  • Budda – a statue was on the road, and nearly took Jim out, at about mile 4.
  • The cheers from the ACS cheer section at mile 22.
  • The cheers from the crowd at mile 12 after crossing the bridge over Nokamis – I kicked the turn out wide.
  • Seeing Jake, Abbie, Erika and Jeannie late.
  • Missing John and Jake, Abbie, Erika and Jeannie early.
  • Seeing Fisher, Randy, the Vogl’s, Judd and the VanBergans.
  • Seeing a guy from work twice (I don’t know his name, but we’ve talked once and he’s always running) – I pointed at him the first time and then he pointed at me the 2nd time.
  • Keeping my gloves in my belt – too cheap to throw my free gloves.

Here’s the hair history – Before, during and after.

2010-09-30 Hair Cut 22

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