Boston Marathon 2011 Recap

It was a heckuva run!  Thanks to Jim and Ronda for coordinating the entire trip.  Thanks to Erika for letting me go 10 days after Kyla was born.  Thanks to Connie and Larry for filling in in my absence in MN.  Thanks to everyone for the support!

The highlights of the race are:

  • The crowd, the crowd, the crowd.
  • The weather was perfect – a tail wind – for the fastest marathon ever.
  • Seeing Team Hoyt – I patted them on the back.
  • Again the crowd, especially at Wesley College and BC – it was like a mile long of super loud, constant cheering for each.
  • Planning our work and working our plan!
    • We planned to run 8 minute miles and we did – my watch said 7:59 based on the fact we ran 26.36 miles.
  • Running next to a gorilla on a thong for a few miles.
  • Ran with a couple of barefoot runners
  • Duct taping my name to my shirt for the first time – I got a couple of “AL AL AL” chants!
  • I went with the tribute to Dick Beardsely outfit – Painter’s cap, New Balance tank top – I hear one person yell something about Beardsley.
  • The hills from mile 17 – 21 were painful!  A different pain – I knew I could handle it, but I wanted it to be over.


A very special thanks to Dennis and Trish for the tour of Boston they gave us on Sunday!

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