2011 Grandmas Recap

It was the most perfect day for running – cold and a tailwind.  Not so good for watching, but great for running.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Staying at the Gardenwood Resort – Problem solved.
  • The breather – the guy breathed really hard and loud.  Jim and I slowed down to let him pass.The Breather Approaching
  • The tinkler – the guy went potty at least 7 times that we passed him during the race
  • The Bethel dudes – despite what people say, they were fun to hang out with.
  • I had the crowd chanting “AL! AL! AL!” for at least 2 blocks after lemon drop hill – it was awesome.
  • It didn’t hurt like Boston or TC2010, it hurt, but different.
  • Cold – Team Lohn went into the museum to warm up after the race.  I stood under the hand dryers for a long time.
  • The breakfast on Father’s Day at Clearwater Grille on Lake Superior
  • Lake Superior Railroad Museum on Sunday.

Me and the Bethel Dudes


Even though its a proof, I really like this one.

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