What do you get if you donate? – 2012 Version

Here’s a few listing of my services I’m offering if you donate.

Congrats to the following winners for the following pools

ACS is the big winner as we raised more than $414 for the cause!  The contests are complete – I’m still working on getting the prizes, but here are the following winners:

ACS NCAA Brackets

  1. Mike Jacobs
  2. Kirk Reierson
  3. Jeff Kalow

The Masters Picks

  1. John Thornton #4
  2. Andy Granberg
  3. John Thornton #3

Reasons to Donate…

A couple of ideas I came up with today on my run…

  1. First, you are joining the battle against cancer or the big C, as Theo Huxtable put it.
  2. Mile donations – the first 26 people to donate, get a mile of the race dedicated to you – here’s the listings from Des Moines and here’s from Twin Cities.
  3. Be an enabler – I’ve got a running addiction and help me keep it going by donating to the American Cancer Society!
  4. Think of these kids – do you want them to grow up with a grumpy Dad?  If I don’t run, I’ll be grumpy and they will not be nearly as happy, plus it teaches them some good lessons.


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