2012 Grandma’s Marathon Mile Dedications

Here’s the list of miles and the people who they are dedicated to.  This list consists of the people who made this possible and was randomly selected with a SQL statement and RoadwithMileMarkera table variable.  Thanks to everyone!

Mile Name
0 Grammy and Pop Pop
1 Aunt Margy
2 Marti and Darci
3 Matt LeTourneau
4 Mike Jacobs
5 Tim Smith
6 Aunt Mary
7 Marla and Tom Nelson
8 Greg Juaire
9 Abbie
10 The Paris Family
11 Kris Magnusson
12 Greg and Lauren Mazzuco
13 Mom and Dad
14 Stig
15 Jake
16 J. D.
17 Pedey
18 Kyla
19 Shreddar
20 Ned
21 Jeff Kalow
22 John Thornton
23 Erika
24 Granny
25 Jim VB


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