2012 Grandmas Marathon Recap

First off, thank you to everyone who donated to the American Cancer Society for this run!  It was awesome to work with and chat up with good people – that’s the real reason I love doing this.  I’ve got the official dollar figure at $2,210.69!!!!!  We are still working out the Medtronic donation, but that should be $600, but the check hasn’t been written yet.  Irreguardlessly, that total is awesome and incredible – thank you, thank you, thank you!  For 3 marathons, that would put us at $5,505.08!  Again, thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.

Erika qualified for Boston!!!!  I knew she could, I was worried about her IT band, but I figured she’d pull it off.  As for me, it wasn’t my best result.  I started too fast, my hip bugged me a bit, I got hot and cramped a bit, but mainly I lost the mental game.  I still had a blast and there is no place that I ‘d rather of been.

Here are the highlights:

  • Erika qualified for Boston in her 1st official, but really, 2nd marathon!
  • Jim helping me through at mile 22 – although I was enjoying the band playing the GOB’s theme, The Final Countdown pretty good when I came around the corner and saw him.
  • Seeing Sav (with a fake mustache), LeTourneau (in an Axel Rose shirt and a fake mustache) and Granny (in a gorilla suit and a fake mustache) at mile 25.
  • A dude yelling, “Image how many lake trout that guy could catch with that beard!”…My beard was awesome!
  • Enjoying the race when I knew it wasn’t my day, which included checking in with my family, a beer at mile 23 (first time ever in a race) and some bacon at mile 24, asking for a hug from a lady who gave me a banana and high fiving almost every kid along the course.
  • Running with a group formed by me and another Determination runner for the first 10 miles, then hooking back up with one at about mile 19 (both our goals were shattered)

Here’s a video from Gardenwood resort that they put on their facebook page.

Here’s what my garmin said before it died…good first half.

I’ve been humbled…it’s back to early morning runs.  It’s kind of like Rocky III – I got civilized,now it’s time to live in semi-seclusion and train.  The next fund raising event in 2013?!?!?

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