2012 Twin Cities Marathon Recap

It was a cold day in my running history.  This was Murphy’s law in action….my watch died at mile 12, it was colder than I expected for wearing only a tank top and I got the stomach flu.  I didn’t feel good on Saturday afternoon, but when do you feel good after tapering?  Never, so I didn’t think it wasn’t that bad.  I fell asleep watching Dora with Jake at about 6:30 Saturday night, that made me say – hmmm.

Here are some Highlights memories:

  • At 3 AM I heard Jake cry out – I thought he was dreaming, as he was quiet after that.  Five minutes later, he came into our room.  I jumped up and he told me I had to see what was in his bed.  I took him into his room and he pointed to where “it” was.  I blindly put my hand into a pile of vomit.  I asked him if he threw up and he said, “Yeah….and it’s SPICEY!!!”
  • Seeing John T at mile 5
  • Seeing old #35, Jim Van Bergan in his Rockford Football Jersey, at mile 16(?) – he ran about a mile with me, which really lifted my spirits
  • Seeing Mom and Dad at mile 19
  • Throwing up at mile 19.5, 19.6, 19.7, etc.
  • I saw Erik Kronback at the starting line about 1 minute before the race.  I pointed at him, but I don’t think he recognized me.
  • I recognized at least 3 Medtronic people as they passed me at the end – one asked my goal time and I think he didn’t hear it because he zoomed by so fast.  Look at the splits fade late….
  • Post race – Curled up, nearly in the fetal position, drinking soup, leaning against a light post and a cop asked if I was OK.
  • Sleeping from 2 – 6 at home and not getting out of bed until 11 AM Monday.
  • Abs being more sore than my legs on Monday
  • The song they played at the start…Paul Thorn, Everybody Looks Good At The Starting Line – great for racing music



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