Bumper Stickers for 2013 Ironman Wisconsin for ACS

Giddy up – I’m doing Ironman Wisconsin for the American Cancer Society – in honor and memory of those who have fought and/or are fighting the battle with cancer.  I’m working on plans on how to get to the elusive $4494.92, but here’s the first thing you can do:

Do you want one of these bumper stickers?

Donate $5 via this link, while supplies last, and I’ll send you one.  Easy as that – I’ll handle the postage and all that stuff.


Why 0.0?

  1. I’m a wise guy.  I think it’s super funny to pull up to the cars with a 26.2 or a 70.3  or a 140.6 stickers and I have a 0.0.
  2. I haven’t raced a foot of an Ironman yet.  A wise man once said, “Yesterday’s effort hasn’t gained you one yard today.”
  3. I still feel I’m a rookie on these endurance things – I always feel I can learn something from people who have done it before.

Again all you have to do is donate $5 via this link and I’ll send you one!

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