2013 Ironman Wisconsin for ACS

Once again, I’ve decided to put myself through a bunch of painful athletic events to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  This year it’s Ironman Wisconsin.  I’m going to attempt to go 140.6 miles in less than 17 hours to raise more money for ACS.  That’s 114.4 miles farther and two more sports than any event I’ve done for ACS!  Here’s my plans and offers:

Regular Donations:

You can just donate.  We’ve raised a lot of money by people simply donating money – feel free to do that from here.  I’ll add an additional $100 myself if I don’t finish in 17 hours!

My Hair/Look for Race Day:

I’m always up for a challenge on this one…I did start working on the Grandma’s beard a couple of weeks ago, so we can always get creative there.

Body Space Advertising

I’ve decided to go Nascar again and for a donation worth $224 ($2 per mile on the bike), I’ll put your logo on an arm or leg for race day.  Anything more than a logo on a leg or arm, talk to me, I’m flexible.

Glamour Shots by Al

Do you have something you want a photographed?  Such as a family portrait for your Christmas card?  A child’s sporting event?  A facebook profile picture?  Let me know, for a $50 donation, I’ll work with you, I like photography (check these out from previous years).

Bumper Stickers

This is just for fun, but donate $5 and I’ll send you this bumper sticker.


Other Ideas?

I’m always open to ideas – please send them my way if you have them.  Also – spread the word!!!

Cancer cuts people down – let’s stop it.

1-IMWI4ACS 031-002

Iron – Man – Wisk – Con – Son – for – ACS

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