The LotterTree for IMWI 2013

Some Facts about the LotterTree:

  • It’s supposed to be like a Christmas tree, but with lottery tickets.
  • The bush was from my backyard, now is in my front yard, but died (just like another one) when I tried to re-plant it because of my deck expansion project.
  • You can only buy lottery tickets with cash – I didn’t know this and tried to put it on my credit card.
  • It will be given away – at least the sticker and lottery tickets – on 6/22/13 to an attendee of the Black Tie, Summer Kickoff, Endurance Motivation, Non-Party Spectacular
  • I will put all the guests name into a SQL Script, use the Rand() function and screen capture the execution of who wins this prize.
  • I will post the results immediately to twitter with the #SweatAlSweat hash tag.


IMWI Lottertree 004

The LotterTree is decorated with the following:


Minnesota GoldScratch MeElectric 8's

Minnesota Gold 2X

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