“Ironman Wine” for Donations $100 and Up

This year in order to reach our goal, a supporter of the program, Andy G, has decided to get involved and help out.  He has created “Ironman Wine”.  These are thank you bottles of wine which will be given out to donors who donate $100.00 or more and are not involved in the Corporate Sponsor Program.

Not only will you get wine, but I will deliver all bottles of Ironman Wine via my bike if the following conditions apply:

  • You are in a 60 mile drive and 30 mile bike ride radius from Dayton, MN
  • Donations are received before 8/18/13

For each delivery, I will go on at least a 60 mile bike ride (30 out, 30 back).  If however, two donors live on the same route, then I’ll up the mileage to 80, but I’ll only make one trip.


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