Grandma’s 2013 Race Recap

Here’s the video race recap:

Here are some of the interesting things I experience on race day:

  • The Black Tie Non-Event raising $1446 for ACS!
  • The fog – very cool to experience, not fun to watch or deal with, but cool to run through
  • Running with Harvey and the 3:05 pace group – which included:
    • The horse sounds we made every mile or so – it relaxes the face, which relaxes everything.
    • Harvey talking about the Coke-a-colas he was going to have
    • Harvey calling me out after lemon drop hill – saying “Andy, you will be with us.”
  • A guy in a mouse costume, who ran a 3:04.
  • Seeing Grandma and Grandpa and Jake and Kyla at mile 14 and at the end.
  • Two guys next to me talking about “Tall Dude” who passed one of them in the TC 1 mile in jean shorts.  He also ran the entire Twin Cities Marathon in jean shorts – the softest he could find.
  • Seeing Porkchop as the Granbergs, Savalojas and Andersons were just walking up to watch.
  • Watching Erika PR with the Granbergs, Savalojas and Andersons

Here’s my Garmin data:

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