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The following was written by a guest blogger – Andy G.  The Black Tie Non Event in Duluth occurred after this.

Recently my new bride and I ventured up to Duluth, MN to see some friends participate in Grandma’s Marathon. My friend Doug did the half and My Pal Al and his wife did the full marathon. It was a blustery day in Duluth with a high of 52, rain and wind. Minneapolis was warm and showing true signs of a Midwestern summer, muggy and highs in the 80’s. Duluth was welcoming the runners by playing by it’s own rules. The day was dreary and heavy overcast for the runners.

We’ve been making this trip every year for quite a while. For the runners it involves endurance, stamina and fortitude. For the spectators it involves a wakeup call of at least 8 AM if not earlier (the runners are up at 4:30) and using every ounce of endurance to start drinking shortly after getting up and venturing a good 100 feet from our hotel room to a curb on the race route. What makes things worse is that the Finish Line is no more than 3 blocks away but we make the runners come to us after they finish. Apparently it would be too cumbersome to lug our coolers that far.

A good friend would have brought his camera to take shots of the runners as they passed by. I however don’t think I own a camera and the one on my phone was deep in my pocket so you see my dilemma. Therefore I have decided to recreate the point where Al ran past our spot by the hotel with Star Wars action figures. Here it is:


Please make note of a few things:

1) Notice how some of them have the Hoth Rebel Winter gear on. As I said before, it was cold and rainy.

2) The Rebel with the mustache is Al since he has a penchant for mustaches and I believe was sporting facial hair.

3) Notice the ambulance. (BTW, the ambulance is not regulation Star Wars action figure gear.) There was a medical station right by us and was utilized by several people. It’s tough to see but the C3PO droid on top of the ambulance is missing a leg. My nephew tore it off several months ago. I thought that fit in well seeing as though it was a medical station.

4) Also, the Luke figure dressed as an ex wing fighter reminds me of the emergency personnel stationed there. They had vests on also and in my mind I heard one of them say in their walkie talkie “Red 5, standing by.” (didn’t happen.)

5) On the left you can see my Star Wars figure carrying case that I still store them in. I placed it up like that to portray the hotel and the distance we walked. Not far. My wife is portrayed by Han Solo because I think at that point she had to go back and use the bathroom and you can see Han gazing back at the hotel.

6) Notice C3PO sitting on the ground. I don’t necessarily remember someone sitting on the ground however I couldn’t get that action figure to stand up. I don’t remember them being so difficult to get to stand.

Congrats to Al, Erika and Doug for all having great times!

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