My Ultra-Beard

I started to grow a beard last October 1st.  I wanted to have it for a trail run on 10/26/13, so I figured with almost four weeks of growth, it would be a decent full beard by the 26th.  What happened next surprised even me.  My beard loved running for a long distance on the trails.  We, My beard and I, started looking around for other trail races and I started reading up on ultra marathons.  One of the things I read was to question weather you want to be hanging out with people who have large beards – I did.  The next thing I knew it was Thanksgiving and I hadn’t trimmed my beard yet and we were running a lot.  Then it was Christmas and we went to Colorado – a perfect mountain man beard.  We continued running a lot.  I found a race in May – maybe we could make it to that race, then I would shave it.

We didn’t make it.  I came across an opportunity to be in the F.A.S.T.E.R. study at the University of Connecticut.  A study comparing high fat vs high carb runners..I’ll have a full post about that soon, but it was something I really wanted to do!  The one issues was I had to trim the beard because I would be doing some running with a mask on.  That was my conundrum….

I decided I was going all in, if I didn’t have a huge beard, I was going to be clean shaven, so my beard and I separated…Basically I looked like a jackass for a couple of of months for no good reason. 

Here’s my tribute to my beard:

Here’s a recap of a few funny things that happened in the 192 days we had together as I lived looking like an Arizona homeless person.

Favorite quote

My favorite quote about my beard came from my sister around Christmas time, she asked, "Is this the look you’re going with?  After all the looks you’ve had, you’re going to go with that?  Or is this just some running thing?"


I was told I look like a few different people – they include:

  • Brett Favre
  • Opie from Sons of Anarchy
  • Captain Spalding
  • Smith Brother’s Cough drop guys – *most obscure
  • An Arizona homeless person – tanned and old – *favorite
  • Santa
  • One day at work I was told I look “Jesus-ee”

Brett Farve 2014 Opie from SOA CaptainSpalding The Smith Brother's Arizona homeless Santa Claus

The most popular comparison was Duck Dynasty or one of the Robertsons

Duck Dynasty

The one I was really going for was Forest, which I got a few times, but not as much as Duck Dynasty.


Brush with Fame

Rob Krar is a fast ultra runner who has a beard.  His beard has a twitter account, so I tweeted it about my beard messing up a VO2 max test

Rob Krar’s beard responded with an excellent response:

Facebook Comments

I put the picture below on facebook and excluding my mother disowning me, here is a sampling of comments:

  • WOW! That is one heck of a beard!
  • That. Is. Awesome!
  • I am frightened and awed, and I am not sure in what order.

2014-03-24 09.52.35

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