2014 Savage 100 Race Report

Here’s my video recap of the race…

Here’s a video Erika took 60 miles into it..


  • Snowmobile trails were my main trails before the snow melted.  Horse trails once it dried up.UConn FASTER Study
  • I did lots of back to backs i.e. 20 one day, 30 the next day.  I also ran twice a day a few times.
  • 38 miles was the longest training run – 7 hours long
  • I had to get lots of calories for the long ones – I ate everything from cookies and Mt Dew to my homemade rice bars to PB + Js
  • My training runs were pretty amazing
    • I got up a 3 AM quite a few times early in the year and ran on the treadmill – kind of fun, but burnt out after a few weeks of doing that.
    • I saw a car accident – it was scary, I may have been the distraction that caused the driver to pull out in front of another car.  Nobody was hurt!
    • On a run, in Elm Creek, I ran past a guy and complimented his beard, he told me he hadn’t shaved since 1971!
    • I was part of two different studies (about 10 hours on the treadmill between the two of them), one at the U of M and one at UConn.
    • I was walking on top of the ice, crossing a stream at about 28 miles into a long run.  I broke through and ended up in water over my ankles.  At first I moved quickly to get out, but then I stopped and rested for a good minute – it was awesome!
  • Some of the recovery tricks I learned
    • Often, I would get in the “Legs up the Wall” yoga pose and read at night
    • I soaked my feet in Epsom Salt a lot (I did not chant or take a bite dip)
    • Trigger point therapy with a lacrosse ball – rolling a ball on my calves or shins does wonders.
    • Low carbs after long runs or hard runs to avoid swelling
    • I reaffirmed my love for Lentils and Spinach with rice and an avocado on top – eating this meal is like the fountain of youth fuel for me.

Things about the race I don’t want to forget

  • The support from my crew of Madonna, Jeannie and Erika – I didn’t run a mile alone after 50 miles.
  • The volunteers at the race – they were great helping everybody and made it really fun.
  • The start, so much fun – just running easy with a bunch of people who have really big plans for the day!
    • 2 dudes took off, they were at mile 11 when we were at mile 10
    • I took off out of the first aid station alone in the dark, it was fun, but more fun with others.
    • Me, Ryan and Greg ran about 8 miles together in 3rd – 5th place – I didn’t get their last names but a Ryan won it and Greg finished as well (we were all rookies)
  • I got to the start/finish after 33.33 miles and went to my bag, I looked up and Granny was there!  I thought he was coming down, but I didn’t think he’d be there.
  • I had some mini bad stretches, i.e. – once on the 7.5 mile stretch (I think with Erika) I ran out of water and Gatorade, but after some food and liquids, I bounced back.
  • I really have no idea what time things happened, i.e. Erika and I were talking about a dude who ran past us saying how he loved that it had cooled off – I thought it was about 10, nope like 2 AM or so.
  • Hanging around with John…Everybody knows John….for a couple of loops we’d pass him, the he’d pass us, crackin’ jokes, etc
    • I believe him passing us caused Madonna running me into manure
  • Almost every aid station would cheer as a runner would come in.  Somebody would usually ask to fill water bottles, get me food, etc. 
    • Whenever someone would ask if they could do anything for me, I’d ask them to update my Facebook status.  The only way I could get them to say OK was to say “The volunteers rule!”
    • I switched it up and asked them to tweet or update my LinkedIn status. 
    • I asked one to wish Marti a happy birthday on Facebook.
    • This amused me for a couple of hours.
  • The weather was awesome….here are the numbers.


  • Erika did get me a piece of pizza.
  • My feet were the most beat up part of me
    • I had some blisters on the balls of both feet.
    • Immediately after I sat down my feet swelled big time, especially my left foot.
    • They hurt for a few days – maybe Hokas next time?
    • I started with about 7 toenails and didn’t have any issues there.
  • My quads hurt like my first marathon, but were pretty good two days later.
  • It took my 3.5 days before I said I’d consider doing another.
  • I did yoga on Thursday night (5/22/14) and ran an easy 5 miles on Friday (5/23)
  • I still haven’t slept normal


Andy 100, Kyla's Day 002

Jake and Kyla at 50 miles

70 miles

2014 finish

That hand is for Jeannie.

Garmin Data

My watch advertised that it would last 20 hours…it made it 18 minutes and 13 seconds longer than advertised.

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