Long Runs & Beer Drinking


The following was written by a guest blogger – J.D. Anderson – he is running his first Half Marathon at Grandmas and tweeted these out a couple of weeks ago.


Today it dawned on me how much long runs & beer-drinking are alike. image

After 3 miles/beers I start thinking that I should go home and sleep…

…but then a good song comes on after 4 and I’m re-energized. 

After 6 I feel like dancing in the street….alone…

…after 7 I’m high-fiving random people that happen to be near me….

After 9 I become emotional for realizing that even though I tell my family I love them I really should make a point to SHOW them more…

…after 11 I’m sort of staggering down my street, trying to convince myself and my neighbors that everything is fine….

….and after 12 I’m lying in my yard with the sprinklers going off all around me….telling myself that I shouldn’t do this again….

….but knowing that after a greasy breakfast and day of recovery I’ll be back after it….

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