2014 Grandma’s Recap


Here’s my video recap:


Savage was 5 weeks before, so I was worried my muscle endurance and recovery wasn’t going to be there, here’s what I did:

  • Week 1 – Rested – I went for an easy 5 miles on Friday of that week and did one 20 minute yoga routine.
  • Week 2 – Mostly easy at or below MAF (heart rate of 135 – 145)
    • Tuesday – MAF test (after warmup, 5 miles at heart rate of 145 on a flat known course) – I was 17 seconds per mile off my test from March 20 (this indicates that I wasn’t fully recovered from Savage)
    • Friday – I did a 20 miler with 7 miles at 7:00 minute miles, then recovered for one mile, then I attempted another 7, but only got 5.5 at 7 minute miles, some yoga too.
  • Week 3 – Easy and less mileage than week 2, with a 20 miler on Wednesday with 8 miles at 6:58, the one recover mile, then 8 at 6:59 (this was the same as I did last year, but this year I had 2 more days to recover until race day), also biked and did yoga.
  • Week 4 – Easy and less mileage than week 3, with a MAF test – which I was down to 1 second per mile slower than my previous best, also biked and did yoga.
  • Week 5 – Super low mileage and easy, except, one progression run of 6 miles (7:11, 6:42, 6:39, 6:31, 6:25, 7:08)

Things I don’t want to forget about the race

  • It was fun to see the family early – at mile 4.
  • Erika beat me in our “Who Can Run a Shorter Marathon Contest” – my Garmin said 26.35, her’s said 26.33 – 0.02 miles – I was really trying to run the tangents.
  • In fact, that got me talking to a guy in the middle of the road that was on the same line as me.  Nobody else was within 30 feet of us, but we were right next to each other.  It was a bit awkward, but I explained and told him he was running the perfect line for that section and I was trying to do the same.  We ran together for at least 2 miles.  He was a really nice guy, Erik Kaitala, and said congrats after the race.  I looked him up and he has run Western States – I would have loved to hear that story.
  • It was really fun seeing the family back at the old mile 19 spot!
  • At about mile 25, I saw the guy who I followed for about 10 miles last year, he looks like the guy who runs in the pink tutu, but he’s not.  I said hi and told him I recognized the back of his feet.  He said it was too bad Harvey wasn’t there to pace this year.
  • Sav holding the signs of Jen, JD and Erika was awesome.
  • JD being there was awesome to have a new friend fired up about running.
  • For the first 8 miles or so a dude was running on the white line or even on into the shoulder as far as he could – making people get out of his way and step back.  I couldn’t get to a spot to tell him to pull his head out.  I found a picture with him in it and looked up his results – he faded bad and finished at like 4:30 or something – servers him right.
  • Seeing Erika come by on her way to a PR.

Check out the cardiac drift:


Pace stayed fairly even:



2014-06-17 10.08.24Fam_mile25Grandma's 2014 014Grandma's 2014 005Fam_EHive5

Garmin Data

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