Dusting off the blog for 2016

I always wait until February to make my new years resolutions, heck, I asked Erika to marry me a couple of days after valentines day because getting engaged on Valentine’s day was too cliché.  This years resolution is to update the blog more regularly.  The reasons to re-start this blogging are:flounder

  • I’m passionate about running and training.
  • Keeping this blog forces me to me to write stuff down and organize photos, thoughts and videos.
  • I’m my biggest reader and I like looking back at past adventures
  • I’ve learned a lot and would like to pass any knowledge I have on

What’ll I blog about:

  • Race reports/Recap videos  – I love making recap videos – here’s my race playlist.
  • Training Strategies I’m trying
  • Funny/fun/hard/etc running times
  • Interesting things – running related
  • I’ve got a drone, a GoPro, a DLSR camera and an iPhone6 = Cool Photos and videos

What’s happened since 2014….

2014FASTER Study with the mask!

2014 was the year of studies for me, I was in one at the U of M and I was also in the FASTER Study at UCONN.

Here’s some interesting write ups on the FASTER Study (note I was a high carb guy and since I’ve tried the low carb diet, but I’ve gone back to carbs):

I also ran my first 100 miler and Grandmas and Twin Cities Marathons – kind of cool, I was 32 seconds faster at Twin Cities with a 3:03:04.

Around Halloween, Erika and I also spent the day running together as she did her first 50 miler at Surf the Murph and I ran in my favorite wig of all time.


2015 was the easily the best running year ever – I couldn’t have dreamed it would turn out so well – lots of people to thank for that. 

Here are some key factors:Pacing Harvey Lewis at Badwater

  • The year started off a bit shakey with a DNF at Zumbro – 63.94 miles – chip on the shoulder for 2016!
  • Erika and I both started pacing for the MN Pacers.  I paced 2 marathons and 2 half marathons, they were super fun – I’ll do an entire post on 2015 MN Pacer Pacing
  • I got to crew and pace for Harvey Lewis at Badwater.  I’ll post a recap of that as well.  That has been my dream race since the 80s.
  • I raced Grandma’s and Twin Cities marathon again and this year my time at Twin Cities was 27 seconds faster with a 2:56:29
  • Erika and I spent the day running a 50 miler again, this time it was the Glacial Trail 50 miler.  I couldn’t keep up with her and she dropped me at mile 40 – in fairness to me, I had run hard at Twin Cities the week before, but she did drop me and won 1st female.
  • I also ran everyday in 2015 and set a new PR for miles at 3000 – that’ll be a post as well.


I’ll update polish and clean up the entire site as well.  Subscribe, check back often, follow me on twitter, etc.  I’d better get working on all those posts I promised….

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