Running History

When I was 6, there was a mis-communication with my sisters one night and I thought I missed my ride to church, so I decided to run there.  It was 6 miles away.  I made it about 2.5 and then I got a ride from a mom of a kid who I ran past.

I ran after college when I was single a bit.  Nothing serious a few miles here and there, mostly with my housemate Sav.  I remember at one point in 2000 I thought it would be awesome if I could run 100 miles in a month.  I think I made about 48 in two weeks, then got sick and didn’t finish.

In 2005, Sav suggested we run Grandma’s marathon.  So we trained for it right from Dick Beardsley’s training plan from Grandma’s Web page.

There were some good stories from that including running in Seattle, passing out in a ditch and this one – taken from an old web page I made….

Sunday morning, 6/12/05, I go for a run. I’ve got my under armor running clothes on and I get back and I talked myself into weed whipping as I was all sweaty and it needed to be done. Then, since I’m all dirty, I decide to clean my gutters.
I get my ladder and climb on to the roof with my trusty homemade gutter cleaner (a four foot broom handle with a gutter elbow screwed to it and cut open on the top). I get that all done and I grab the hose, turn it on and climb back up the ladder to really wash out the down spouts good. I do two of the downspouts and when I go to the third, the hose hits the ladder and knocks it down. I’m stuck on the roof! I can’t see any other houses from my house and nobody was going to be visiting me the rest of the day – no cell phone with me either. What could I do….
I determined I could jump on to the deck approximately 7 feet down. This would risk not only my gutters and but also my ankles and with my first marathon a less than week away, I wasn’t going to do that. So I grabbed the hose and lassoed a branch.
Now for the funny/embarrassing piece…I was in my good running clothes and I didn’t want to risk ripping them on a sharp edge, so since I can’t see any other houses from my house, I took them off and Tarzaned down in my tightie whities.
It worked out real well, right after I got down I ran in and grabbed my phone and took this photo. If things didn’t work out that well, I would have had a lot of explaining to do if I would have been found unconscious and only in my underwear on the deck.


In 2006, I thought I could break 4 hours, so I attempted Grandma’s again.  I trained pretty hard and ran a 4:24, only 2 minutes faster than 2005.

In 2007, I knew I could break 4 hours, and it was a tradition, so again I attempted Grandma’s again.  I trained hard with this goal in mind.  It was very hot that day and  I ran a 4:14.  Foiled again!

In 2008, on the weekends, I ran with a group of young guys who were fast runners and one was training for an ironman.  I ran with fast people at my work at the time.  People said breaking four hours was too low of a goal for me, then I’d tell them that I’ve missed 3 times already.  I finally did it an ran a 3:58.

A buddy from High School, Jim, got me a job at Medtronic.  I found out he was getting into running, so I told him that if he got me the job, we’d have to run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon together.  So we did.  He is pretty aggressive when it comes to running.  He kept us at a steady pace for the first 22 miles and we ran a 3:46.

Grandmas this year (2009) was a test as I was working on a big project for work, Jake was 6 months on Race Day, so training was challenging.  I hit it hard when I could and was hoping for a PR.  It was a tale of two halves.  The first was fine, the second was hot and in survial mode.  I finished with Jim at 3:57.

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