A Recreation

The following was written by a guest blogger – Andy G.  The Black Tie Non Event in Duluth occurred after this.

Recently my new bride and I ventured up to Duluth, MN to see some friends participate in Grandma’s Marathon. My friend Doug did the half and My Pal Al and his wife did the full marathon. It was a blustery day in Duluth with a high of 52, rain and wind. Minneapolis was warm and showing true signs of a Midwestern summer, muggy and highs in the 80’s. Duluth was welcoming the runners by playing by it’s own rules. The day was dreary and heavy overcast for the runners.

We’ve been making this trip every year for quite a while. For the runners it involves endurance, stamina and fortitude. For the spectators it involves a wakeup call of at least 8 AM if not earlier (the runners are up at 4:30) and using every ounce of endurance to start drinking shortly after getting up and venturing a good 100 feet from our hotel room to a curb on the race route. What makes things worse is that the Finish Line is no more than 3 blocks away but we make the runners come to us after they finish. Apparently it would be too cumbersome to lug our coolers that far.

A good friend would have brought his camera to take shots of the runners as they passed by. I however don’t think I own a camera and the one on my phone was deep in my pocket so you see my dilemma. Therefore I have decided to recreate the point where Al ran past our spot by the hotel with Star Wars action figures. Here it is:


Please make note of a few things:

1) Notice how some of them have the Hoth Rebel Winter gear on. As I said before, it was cold and rainy.

2) The Rebel with the mustache is Al since he has a penchant for mustaches and I believe was sporting facial hair.

3) Notice the ambulance. (BTW, the ambulance is not regulation Star Wars action figure gear.) There was a medical station right by us and was utilized by several people. It’s tough to see but the C3PO droid on top of the ambulance is missing a leg. My nephew tore it off several months ago. I thought that fit in well seeing as though it was a medical station.

4) Also, the Luke figure dressed as an ex wing fighter reminds me of the emergency personnel stationed there. They had vests on also and in my mind I heard one of them say in their walkie talkie “Red 5, standing by.” (didn’t happen.)

5) On the left you can see my Star Wars figure carrying case that I still store them in. I placed it up like that to portray the hotel and the distance we walked. Not far. My wife is portrayed by Han Solo because I think at that point she had to go back and use the bathroom and you can see Han gazing back at the hotel.

6) Notice C3PO sitting on the ground. I don’t necessarily remember someone sitting on the ground however I couldn’t get that action figure to stand up. I don’t remember them being so difficult to get to stand.

Congrats to Al, Erika and Doug for all having great times!

Zero point Zero Stickers Everywhere

I’ve been collecting all pictures of the 0.0 stickers people have sent me/tweeted me/or I’ve taken.  If you have one, take of a photo of it and send it to me.  Get creative.  I’ll add them to the collection.

Grandma’s 2013 Race Recap

Here’s the video race recap:

Here are some of the interesting things I experience on race day:

  • The Black Tie Non-Event raising $1446 for ACS!
  • The fog – very cool to experience, not fun to watch or deal with, but cool to run through
  • Running with Harvey and the 3:05 pace group – which included:
    • The horse sounds we made every mile or so – it relaxes the face, which relaxes everything.
    • Harvey talking about the Coke-a-colas he was going to have
    • Harvey calling me out after lemon drop hill – saying “Andy, you will be with us.”
  • A guy in a mouse costume, who ran a 3:04.
  • Seeing Grandma and Grandpa and Jake and Kyla at mile 14 and at the end.
  • Two guys next to me talking about “Tall Dude” who passed one of them in the TC 1 mile in jean shorts.  He also ran the entire Twin Cities Marathon in jean shorts – the softest he could find.
  • Seeing Porkchop as the Granbergs, Savalojas and Andersons were just walking up to watch.
  • Watching Erika PR with the Granbergs, Savalojas and Andersons

Here’s my Garmin data:

“Ironman Wine” for Donations $100 and Up

This year in order to reach our goal, a supporter of the program, Andy G, has decided to get involved and help out.  He has created “Ironman Wine”.  These are thank you bottles of wine which will be given out to donors who donate $100.00 or more and are not involved in the Corporate Sponsor Program.

Not only will you get wine, but I will deliver all bottles of Ironman Wine via my bike if the following conditions apply:

  • You are in a 60 mile drive and 30 mile bike ride radius from Dayton, MN
  • Donations are received before 8/18/13

For each delivery, I will go on at least a 60 mile bike ride (30 out, 30 back).  If however, two donors live on the same route, then I’ll up the mileage to 80, but I’ll only make one trip.


Al’s Black Tie, Summer Kickoff, Endurance Motivation, Non-Party Spectacular for ACS and a chance to win $53,000!

You are NOT invited!

For most people, the start of summer not only identifies good times ahead, but also being over booked. I’m going to save you the guilt of skipping a party, keep your calendar as free as possible and give you a chance to win $53,000, by NOT inviting you to a black tie benefit for the American Cancer Society.

A black tie fund raising party is a great idea, but I’ll save us all the stress and still provide you an opportunity to support the cause and have a few laughs. I will post pictures and share videos of the non-event, which will feature some inspiring stories and interviews from Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN on June 22.

The reason why I’m not hosting this party: On September 8th 2013, I will be attempting to complete Ironman Wisconsin and raise money for the American Cancer Society. This NON-event will be the fundraising kick off for summer – and hopefully it will motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle!

Date: 6/22/2013

Schedule of Events:

  • 7:45 – 11:00 a.m. Good pain and suffering
  • 11:30 – 12:30 p.m. Social hour
  • 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. Benefit for ACS
  • 3:00 p.m. Drawing for the Lottertree

Location: Your computer sometime after 6/23/13.  You’ll get exclusive online access to happenings from throughout the day including the race and post-race party.

Door Prizes Include:

· A chance to win this Lottertree – a chance at $53,000! One lucky non-attendee will win this tree decorated with 18 MN Scratch Game lottery tickets (you don’t have to keep the tree and you need not be present to win)


· Every non-attendee gets a 0.0 bumper sticker – see this page for a full explanation and how to order more.



Detach and return this portion of the invite

___ Number of non-attendees at $25.00

___ Number of extra 0.0 bumper stickers at $5.00 each

___ Additional Donation

___ Total Donation

To simplify the money collection, you can donate directly on-line here:  http://main.acsevents.org/goto/AL

With your response, please let me know:

  1. Names of people you know who have been affected by cancer.
  2. If you ordered an extra bumper sticker.
  3. Any ideas to help raise more money.

All money raised will go directly to the American Cancer Society

Stay in contact…

Andy LohnFacebookTwitterAndy's 2013 Ironman WI Page

Update – after much consideration, we have decided to open up the naming rights for this event – details on sponsorship levels can be found here: http://www.andylohn.com/sponsors/

The LotterTree for IMWI 2013

Some Facts about the LotterTree:

  • It’s supposed to be like a Christmas tree, but with lottery tickets.
  • The bush was from my backyard, now is in my front yard, but died (just like another one) when I tried to re-plant it because of my deck expansion project.
  • You can only buy lottery tickets with cash – I didn’t know this and tried to put it on my credit card.
  • It will be given away – at least the sticker and lottery tickets – on 6/22/13 to an attendee of the Black Tie, Summer Kickoff, Endurance Motivation, Non-Party Spectacular
  • I will put all the guests name into a SQL Script, use the Rand() function and screen capture the execution of who wins this prize.
  • I will post the results immediately to twitter with the #SweatAlSweat hash tag.


IMWI Lottertree 004

The LotterTree is decorated with the following:


Minnesota GoldScratch MeElectric 8's

Minnesota Gold 2X

Bumper Stickers for 2013 Ironman Wisconsin for ACS

Giddy up – I’m doing Ironman Wisconsin for the American Cancer Society – in honor and memory of those who have fought and/or are fighting the battle with cancer.  I’m working on plans on how to get to the elusive $4494.92, but here’s the first thing you can do:

Do you want one of these bumper stickers?

Donate $5 via this link, while supplies last, and I’ll send you one.  Easy as that – I’ll handle the postage and all that stuff.


Why 0.0?

  1. I’m a wise guy.  I think it’s super funny to pull up to the cars with a 26.2 or a 70.3  or a 140.6 stickers and I have a 0.0.
  2. I haven’t raced a foot of an Ironman yet.  A wise man once said, “Yesterday’s effort hasn’t gained you one yard today.”
  3. I still feel I’m a rookie on these endurance things – I always feel I can learn something from people who have done it before.

Again all you have to do is donate $5 via this link and I’ll send you one!

2013 Ironman Wisconsin for ACS

Once again, I’ve decided to put myself through a bunch of painful athletic events to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  This year it’s Ironman Wisconsin.  I’m going to attempt to go 140.6 miles in less than 17 hours to raise more money for ACS.  That’s 114.4 miles farther and two more sports than any event I’ve done for ACS!  Here’s my plans and offers:

Regular Donations:

You can just donate.  We’ve raised a lot of money by people simply donating money – feel free to do that from here.  I’ll add an additional $100 myself if I don’t finish in 17 hours!

My Hair/Look for Race Day:

I’m always up for a challenge on this one…I did start working on the Grandma’s beard a couple of weeks ago, so we can always get creative there.

Body Space Advertising

I’ve decided to go Nascar again and for a donation worth $224 ($2 per mile on the bike), I’ll put your logo on an arm or leg for race day.  Anything more than a logo on a leg or arm, talk to me, I’m flexible.

Glamour Shots by Al

Do you have something you want a photographed?  Such as a family portrait for your Christmas card?  A child’s sporting event?  A facebook profile picture?  Let me know, for a $50 donation, I’ll work with you, I like photography (check these out from previous years).

Bumper Stickers

This is just for fun, but donate $5 and I’ll send you this bumper sticker.


Other Ideas?

I’m always open to ideas – please send them my way if you have them.  Also – spread the word!!!

Cancer cuts people down – let’s stop it.

1-IMWI4ACS 031-002

Iron – Man – Wisk – Con – Son – for – ACS

2012 In 2012 – 2012 Recap

Here’s the highlights of breakdown of my activities in 2012:

  • I ran 2012 miles – for the second year, I “Ran the Year”.
  • I ran two marathons, both were extremely disappointing with my time, but fun to participate in.
    • Grandma’s – hip was bugging me, mentally weak
    • TC – Sick, can’t hide from the marathon
  • I ran a 50K – actually a 33.3 mile trail run – the most fun run of the year.
    • So fun to stare at Jim’s shoes for 5 hours and 50 minutes – if I can keep up with him.
  • I did a Half Iron Man – exactly 1 minute faster than last years.

Here’s the numbers breakdown:

  • Running: 206 runs for 2012.33 miles in 270 hours, 24 minutes and 37 seconds
  • Biking: 49 Rides for 1064.95 miles in 68 hours 4 minutes and 3 seconds
  • Biking on Trainer/Spin bike:  12 times for 12 hours 5 minutes
  • Swimming: 47 times for 53831 meters (33.449 miles) in  23 hours and 30 minutes
  • Total – 374 hours and 4 minutes – 1.02 hours per day of something.

Here’s the monthly running mileage breakdown – note last year’s big spike at the end (here’s the break down from last year):


Here’s an even further breakdown of my running (last years totals)

  • 2012 miles (2011)
  • 206 runs (210)
  • Averaged 9.77 miles per run (9.58)
  • Averaged 38.69 miles per week (38.67)
  • 270 hours 24 minutes 37 seconds of running (275:8:23)
  • 0 days I ran twice in the same day (3)
  • 56.28% of the days I ran – 206/366 (56.71 – 207/365)
  • Longest week – Monday – Sunday 63.01 (66.03)  (this is what I use to measure)
  • Longest week (any seven day stretch) – 67.03 (May 4th – May 10) (83.06)
  • 12 runs 20 miles or more (13)
  • Longest Run – Surf the Murph 33.34 miles
  • Shortest Run – 2 miles on 10/25/2012 – Getting ready for Surf the Murph.
  • 205.6 miles on the treadmill – 10.22% of total miles (215.2 / 10.7%)
  • 171.68 miles of trail running – 8.53% of total miles (0 recorded)
  • 35 Days I did multiple activities

2013 includes – Grandma’s and Ironman Wisconsin!

2012 Surf the Murph 50K Recap

It was a golden morning!  A bit cold, but expected – no wind.IMG_1568  Jim and I ran our first ultra, trail marathon (longer than 26.2).  It was awesome – no expectations for time, just run for a long time (5 hours 50 minutes actually – and the mileage was 33.3 miles).

Here are some of the entertaining, inspiring, unforgettable things I will remember.

  • Jim is so strong mentally – he was hurting, but just kept pushing and pushing.  The last 4 miles I was 20 to 40 yards behind him and he would not take a break.
  • My back and arms hurt almost as bad as my legs.  My biceps really hurt the next day – almost 6 hours with them bent at 90 degrees will do that to you.
  • Hearing it’s a “long” 50K – 33.3 miles for 2 loops, making 50 miles for 3.
  • I got converted to liking uphill’s better than down hills about mile 30.  The down hills were just so painful.
  • Jim’s quote from Old School when we pulled into the parking lot.
  • Running, almost half the race with Gary – a younger kid who was going our pace and had some stomach issues at about mile 22ish.
  • I ran into a dude from AMS before the race – I didn’t know his name, but I’d talked running with him a bit back in the day.
  • I think, it’s not confirmed yet that a guy from 7th floor MDT ran the 50 mile – I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet.
  • Erik’s watch saying low battery at mile 26.5, but it kept going until mile 31.  I played the game of guessing when it would die to keep my mind going.
  • The finisher medals being branded at the fire pit – see photos.

photophoto (1)

Here are the medals and Jim getting his made – the same kid did mine.  Jim’s was nearly perfect, my had a little more burn to it – I liked my better!

I wore Erika’s watch and it lasted much longer than I thought.  Also, somehow I hit the start button at home and I can’t figure out how to remove the last coordinates.

Here’s a bunch of links:

Bryan Cochran Photography: Surf the Murph 2012 &emdash; IMG_1575