The Final Push for IMWI and ACS

Last chance to get your 0.0 sticker!  Here’s the direct link to donate to the cause.

Here’s what Dean Werner has thinks….

Here’s the full version of that clip

A Recreation

The following was written by a guest blogger – Andy G.  The Black Tie Non Event in Duluth occurred after this.

Recently my new bride and I ventured up to Duluth, MN to see some friends participate in Grandma’s Marathon. My friend Doug did the half and My Pal Al and his wife did […]

“Ironman Wine” for Donations $100 and Up

This year in order to reach our goal, a supporter of the program, Andy G, has decided to get involved and help out. He has created “Ironman Wine”. These are thank you bottles of wine which will be given out to donors who donate $100.00 or more and are not involved in the Corporate Sponsor […]

Al’s Black Tie, Summer Kickoff, Endurance Motivation, Non-Party Spectacular for ACS and a chance to win $53,000!

You are NOT invited!

For most people, the start of summer not only identifies good times ahead, but also being over booked. I’m going to save you the guilt of skipping a party, keep your calendar as free as possible and give you a chance to win $53,000, by NOT inviting you to a black […]

The LotterTree for IMWI 2013

Some Facts about the LotterTree: It’s supposed to be like a Christmas tree, but with lottery tickets. The bush was from my backyard, now is in my front yard, but died (just like another one) when I tried to re-plant it because of my deck expansion project. You can only buy lottery tickets with cash […]

Bumper Stickers for 2013 Ironman Wisconsin for ACS

Giddy up – I’m doing Ironman Wisconsin for the American Cancer Society – in honor and memory of those who have fought and/or are fighting the battle with cancer. I’m working on plans on how to get to the elusive $4494.92, but here’s the first thing you can do:

Do you want one of these […]

2013 Ironman Wisconsin for ACS

Once again, I’ve decided to put myself through a bunch of painful athletic events to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This year it’s Ironman Wisconsin. I’m going to attempt to go 140.6 miles in less than 17 hours to raise more money for ACS. That’s 114.4 miles farther and two more sports than […]

2012 Grandma’s Marathon Mile Dedications

Here’s the list of miles and the people who they are dedicated to.  This list consists of the people who made this possible and was randomly selected with a SQL statement and a table variable.  Thanks to everyone!

Mile Name 0 Grammy and Pop Pop 1 Aunt Margy 2 Marti and Darci 3 Matt LeTourneau […]

What do you get if you donate? – 2012 Version

Here’s a few listing of my services I’m offering if you donate.

Here are some of my new ideas for this year… Here’s what I offered for 2010 TC Marathon – all offers still stand except the dollar amounts on my hair. Here’s the options from 2009 Des Moines Marathon – again all offers stand […]

2012 Masters Pool – HOLLA – ACS edition

As explained here, I’m running Grandma’s marathon for the American Cancer Society.  One of the ways I’m going to raise some money and have some fun is by running a Masters pool.  A friend and I did this back at Ontrack from 2000 to 2006.  We had a great gambling ring there.

Here’s how it […]