NCAA Bracket – HOLLA – ACS edition

As explained here, I’m running Grandma’s marathon for the American Cancer Society. One of the ways I’m going to raise some money and have some fun is by running an NCAA basketball bracket pool. It’s been said that the NCAA tournament costs the US $3.8 billion per year, let’s see if we can make it […]

2012 Grandma’s Marathon for American Cancer Society

Since I didn’t run a fall marathon in 2011, I missed my usual turn to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS).  Therefore, I’ve decided to do run this years Grandma’s marathon for ACS.  The spring marathon opens up a couple of possibilities in the fund raising area – namely March Madness, The Masters […]

2010 Twin Cities Marathon Mile and Water Station Dedications

Here’s the list of miles and the people who they are dedicated to.  This list consists of the first 26 people to donate and was randomly selected with a SQL statement and a table variable.  Thanks to everyone!

Mile Name 0 Erika, Abbie and Jake 1 Doug B 2 Pedey 3 Mom and Dad 4 […]

Thank You!!!

Thanks to everyone who donated – We’ve exceeded all the financial goals. I’m not saying if you came here to donate that you can’t – please do in fact – but thank you to everyone who has! It is awesome. I’m working on a few things, including a video of tonight’s shenanigans with the clippers, […]

ACS Status Report

We’ve got one week to go until Race Day!  As the Czar (an old football coach) said in a letter to us, “I can’t wait!” – honestly that’s all his letter said and honestly, I can’t wait.

Here’s the break down of the money for ACS.  As of 10:30 PM on Sunday, 9/26/10:

$1,554.69 – […]

The Skullet

I’ve made some promises that I have to keep.  I told my fellow co-workers that if they could come up with $400 for ACS, I’d shave my head.  Then half out loud, not thinking, I said, “Or what ever you want me to do with my hair.”  Note – I haven’t had a haircut since […]

Donated Hockey Stick Chairs up for auction!

Two chairs made out of used hockey sticks have been donated to my cause! They are up for auction to the highest bidder. Use the widget on the left side of the site to place your bid.

About the Chairs: The frame is made out of used hockey sticks A canvas sling for sitting They […]

What do you get if you donate?

So you’re thinking of donating – which I say a big thanks for the thought – and in the back of your mind, your are wondering, “What do I get out of it?”  It’s natural, don’t fight it – here’s what you get:

(first here’s the link if you just want to donate!)

First, you […]

It’s Official – This one’s for the American Cancer Society

I’m just leaking this, I’m not sending anything out via the email until I’ve got things slightly more squared away, but here’s the initial page:

Des Moines Marathon – wrap up

It was a good run!!!  The marathon was great.  There were a few things that contributed to it being awesome:

First and most important was my cheering crew.  Erika, Abbie and Jake were there, as well as my neighbors, Rob, Jeannie, Kyle and Adam all made the trek down and each time I saw them, […]