2012 Grandmas Marathon Recap

First off, thank you to everyone who donated to the American Cancer Society for this run!  It was awesome to work with and chat up with good people – that’s the real reason I love doing this.  I’ve got the official dollar figure at $2,210.69!!!!!  We are still working out the Medtronic donation, but that […]

2011 Grandmas Recap

It was the most perfect day for running – cold and a tailwind. Not so good for watching, but great for running.

Some of the highlights are:

Staying at the Gardenwood Resort – Problem solved. The breather – the guy breathed really hard and loud. Jim and I slowed down to let him pass. The […]

Grandma’s 2010 Recap

We’re going to Boston! I made my BQ (Boston Qualifier) time of 3:15:59!

The conditions were pretty good, except there was a bit of a head wind. It started out a bit cloudy, but when the sun came out it started to get hot. Luckily that only lasted around miles 4 – 8. I just […]

Am I Ready?

Am I ready to qualify for Boston and run a 3:15:59? My standard and consistant prerace answer to how I’m going to perform is…who knows? I was talking to a friend this week and was asked if 8 mile runs are easy for me. Nothing over 4 miles is easy, I just know I complete […]

Update…Grandmas is coming!

Here’s what happened today:

Me: “I’ll take Jake in the backpack for our hike. You got to bike this afternoon. I haven’t done anything all day!” Erika: “You got up a 5 today and ran 9 miles before anybody was up.” Me: “That was today?”

That’s just the latest in a string of situations like […]