2014 Grandma’s Recap


Here’s my video recap:


Savage was 5 weeks before, so I was worried my muscle endurance and recovery wasn’t going to be there, here’s what I did:

Week 1 – Rested – I went for an easy 5 miles on Friday of that week and did one 20 minute yoga routine. Week […]

2014 Savage 100 Race Report

Here’s my video recap of the race…

Here’s a video Erika took 60 miles into it..

Training Snowmobile trails were my main trails before the snow melted.  Horse trails once it dried up. I did lots of back to backs i.e. 20 one day, 30 the next day.  I also ran twice a […]

2013 Surf the Murph 50K Recap

Here’s my recap video:

Here’s the video I shot as Erika turned to an ultra marathoner:

Here are some of the cool things that I won’t forget:

Erika getting a cold the entire week before, not knowing if she was going to be able to pull this off. Erika having issues with her […]

Grandma’s 2013 Race Recap

Here’s the video race recap:

Here are some of the interesting things I experience on race day:

The Black Tie Non-Event raising $1446 for ACS! The fog – very cool to experience, not fun to watch or deal with, but cool to run through Running with Harvey and the 3:05 pace group – which […]

2012 Surf the Murph 50K Recap

It was a golden morning!  A bit cold, but expected – no wind.  Jim and I ran our first ultra, trail marathon (longer than 26.2).  It was awesome – no expectations for time, just run for a long time (5 hours 50 minutes actually – and the mileage was 33.3 miles).

Here are some of […]

2012 Twin Cities Marathon Recap

It was a cold day in my running history.  This was Murphy’s law in action….my watch died at mile 12, it was colder than I expected for wearing only a tank top and I got the stomach flu.  I didn’t feel good on Saturday afternoon, but when do you feel good after tapering?  Never, so […]

2012 Grandmas Marathon Recap

First off, thank you to everyone who donated to the American Cancer Society for this run!  It was awesome to work with and chat up with good people – that’s the real reason I love doing this.  I’ve got the official dollar figure at $2,210.69!!!!!  We are still working out the Medtronic donation, but that […]

2011 Grandmas Recap

It was the most perfect day for running – cold and a tailwind. Not so good for watching, but great for running.

Some of the highlights are:

Staying at the Gardenwood Resort – Problem solved. The breather – the guy breathed really hard and loud. Jim and I slowed down to let him pass. The […]

Boston Marathon 2011 Recap

It was a heckuva run!  Thanks to Jim and Ronda for coordinating the entire trip.  Thanks to Erika for letting me go 10 days after Kyla was born.  Thanks to Connie and Larry for filling in in my absence in MN.  Thanks to everyone for the support!

MarathonFoto’s shots of me and Jim from […]

Twin Cities Marathon 2010 Recap

First and foremost – we raised $1,739.70 for the American Cancer Society – we beat last year’s total by $180+ !  Thank you!  That’s $3,294.39 in two years.  Which also means only $6,705.61 to go until I’m 40 or before I turn 41!

Here’s some photos – and a link to the full slide show.  […]